A Fun Couple of Weeks

This post is going to be heavy on the photos!

I have been going non-stop these past few weeks. There hasn’t been a day in which I simply said, “oh I have nothing to do today.” I’m not complaining – I’ve been known to pack my schedule full of anything and everything. I don’t know if you lovely readers have noticed this about me or not, but I am very much a YES person. Especially if it sounds even a teeny bit fun. Yes to all the things!

Since the last time I posted …
Chris and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary


We celebrated by visiting Luray Caverns in the Shenandoah Valley. A definite must do for those in the DC area. It’s a little over an hour and a half away but on a pretty day you could hike and take in a few other outdoor sites. Unfortunately for us, it was pouring so all we did was the cave.




I ran two races – Cherry Blossom 5K and the Marine Corps 17.75K

Honestly, Cherry Blossom was just a much better race all around. Beautiful course, great support, etc. My only complaint about Cherry Blossom is that the finish line area is always such a mess. They do a great job at labeling things but the signs could be bigger. I was frustrated at the 17.75K. From the start line fiasco (they had us walk around the corner to start? weird.), the port-a-potties (waited a half hour to use one only to find out someone pooped all over the seat … not like I let my buns touch the seat anyway BUT a little decency people, we are not animals!), the actual course (hills on HILLS! If I could find an elevation chart, I would post it), and the ‘coin’ pictured above … I was not a happy camper. I realize the main draw to the 17.75K is the guaranteed admission into the Marine Corps Marathon but, a medal would’ve been nice.

I also finished a cleanse/challenge. Great results – 9lbs and 7inches total lost from my body. I didn’t take comparison photos. Whoops! But really, all I did was lose the winter weight I gained. I was chubbing out a little bit there and now I’ve plateaued. I’m still pretty much following the same eating plan I outlined in my last What I Ate Wednesday post. Hopefully, I’ll break the plateau in the next week or two :)

I  saw Macaulay Culkin’s pizza themed Velvet Underground cover band. One word: AMAZING!

I bought red lipstick. I don’t typically wear lipstick or lip gloss so this is kind of a big deal for me.

I went to see The Legwarmers (80′s cover band) with some great girls.


And to top it all off, I also participated in a blogger ride at Revolve. As usual, Revolve delivered a class that had my heart rate skyrocketing coupled with sweat in my eyeballs and music so good I was too busy singing and riding to the beat to think about how tough it was.


Are you a little tired just reading about all that? :)

Life doesn’t seem to be slowing down for me any time soon, but that’s totally fine!

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