Review: MyProtein

Hello! Long time no see. I am always amazed at time’s ability to speed up without any warning.

Oh? That’s not a real thing? Then why does it feel that way.

Over the past few months, I’ve had a lot going on behind the scenes especially with my unusually active social life. It just hasn’t left much time for blogging, frankly.

It’s like the universe read my mind or something because as all of this was happening, MyProtein reached out to me to write a review of their product.

Cool, I can do that! And damn did I need something easy.

This product could not have entered my life at a more perfect time. Breakfast is hard for me since I love sleep and have a long commute. I never want to sacrifice even a moment of sleep but food I could do without. A protein shake checks all the boxes. Easy to make, good on the go, and hearty enough to keep me full until morning snack or lunch!
Also, for 90 calories per generous scoop… Fill up my cup!

I’ve been doing a scoop and mix with milk. For me, chocolate is my preferred protein shake flavor. The shake is delicious – it does thicken up with the milk and kind of reminds me really melted ice cream. My only issue with the powder is that it doesn’t dissolve as fast or even all the way. I think the issue is on my end though… maybe I’m not using the right cup or proper stirring technique.
MyProtein is a delicious, low-cal, and few ingredient protein shake! I can pronounce recognize all of the ingredients which is not something I can say for other shakes I’ve tried.
I also received peanut butter to review and honestly, the peanut butter is your standard natural formula. You have to stir it since the oil does separate. Taste wise – if you like peanut butter, you’ll like this! Chris and I enjoyed it by the spoonful, on sandwiches, and with some super crisp apples. Loved it.

I’m looking forward to trying more of MyProtein‘s products. :) PS – the link on this line takes you to a page with discount codes on products available on their site.


**Disclaimer: I was given this product to review. No other compensation was received. These opinions are my own.**

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