Small Victories

Way back in March I wrote about how I started cleaning up my eats. I was frustrated with myself for getting back to a weight I vowed I would never see again. And honestly, I really only had myself to blame. I was running so much and kicking ass in the gym but I was rewarding myself with so much food.

You know the mindset, “oh I worked out today … I can totally have a cookie (read: ALL the cookies).”

After my disastrous display at the half marathon in March, I said enough is enough and I’ve been working diligently to lose weight ever since.

This process always seems to move at a snails pace and while I’m still a ways away from where I would like to be, I have been celebrating some small victories.


Let’s take a look at a photo of me at the end of February for reference.

Thank you Chris for capturing the above picture. Readers, he is available to capture your more awkward moments should you wish to commemorate them on film :)

Clothes had become tight and uncomfortable and ugh. I was miserable with myself but I was the reason why things became out of control. That sounds sort of dramatic, the reality is that it was winter weight. It was a long, cold winter spent with comfort food.

So, I started focusing more on what I ate rather than trying to work off all the junk I was consuming. I waved goodbye to junk food (candy and ice cream) and cut back significantly on the processed foods.

The result? I feel great!

I am not as bloated and I’ve started noticing that certain foods (white bread) make me really puffy when I eat them. Seriously, I look about six months pregnant after I eat a piece of a baguette.

I bought and wore my first pair of jean shorts (#jorts) for the first time in my adult life. I’ve had a weird stigma about them for myself for a long time so this is definitely a win!

Memorial Day weekend

I’ve been wearing bikinis again. Last summer, I was so self-conscious about my tummy that I stuck to a tankini or just didn’t go to the pool at all. I bought a few new ones for the cruise so I’ve been going to the pool a lot to work on my ‘tan’.

If you’re interested in following along, I take progress report pictures that I post on Instagram (@passionandgiggles).

It’s really only some minor changes, no dramatic transformations here. I started incorporating more weights into my exercises and worried less about doing cardio all week since I typically hit 10,000 steps per day. I’m far away from six-pack abs and a ripped body but that isn’t what I want for myself. I want to be in the healthy range for my BMI and to have a healthy body fat percentage. At my current weight, I am neither but I am getting closer. My goals are a little more within my reach. I just need remember to stay positive and not stress too much about it.

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